Time-Lapse Solutions use Cloud storage for the data management of the Intervale system.

It's vital for safeguarding data against damage and loss; off-site Cloud storage provides redundancy, ensuring that we never lose any of your data whatever unforeseen events occur. Cloud storage ensures instant accessibility, enabling our clients to view project progress anytime, from any location with seamless integration with our time-lapse portal to allow real time viewing of images and video, downloading and management of the data, comparing images and the editing and production of time-lapse movies. Importantly, the Intervale Cloud storage system supports the vast data generated from long time-lapse project and high-resolution videos, providing scalability and flexibility that local storage simply can’t match, making it indispensable for any serious Time-lapse project.

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Why storage is important?

The safety and accessibility of their clients' data is absolutely central to Time-Lapse Solutions approach to storing, securing and processing time-lapse data from their Intervale time-lapse system. Here is how we do it.

1. Cloud Storage for Safety and Security

The primary method of data storage is through Cloud services, which offer high-level security for stored data. This method is particularly beneficial for long-term projects as Cloud storage can handle large volumes of data and video efficiently.

2. Scalability for Long Projects

Cloud storage is not only secure but also highly scalable, accommodating the massive amounts of image and video data typical of long time-lapse projects.

3. Daily Backup to an Alternative location

To ensure data integrity, Time-Lapse Solutions backs up your data daily to an alternative site. This redundancy safeguards against data loss due to an extraordinary unforeseen incidents or failures.

4. Local Storage on Camera's SD Card

In addition to Cloud storage, data is also stored locally on the Intervale time-lapse cameras' SD cards. This local storage acts as a fail-safe, ensuring that data collection continues uninterrupted even in the event of network or connectivity issues.

5. Post-Project Data Storage

Upon the completion of a project, Time-Lapse Solutions offers a service to securely store customers' data. This ensures that even after the active phase of the project is over, the valuable time-lapse data remains safe and accessible for future reference, analysis, or marketing purposes. This storage service is in line with Time-Lapse Solutions’ high data security standards, providing peace of mind that the project's images is preserved and can be retrieved as needed.

6. Integration with Web Portal for Accessibility

The Cloud storage system is seamlessly integrated with the Time-Lapse Solutions’ web portal. This integration allows clients to access, view, and manage their data from anywhere globally.

7. Time-lapse video production

Cloud storage facilitates the production and editing of time-lapse films with the tools to process, edit and create time-lapse content.

8. Downloadable Images and Videos

Clients can quickly search and download images and videos from their time-lapse project using our user-friendly interface.

9. Client Data Protection

The adoption of cloud storage and its integration with the web portal emphasize the commitment of Time-Lapse Solutions to protect their clients' data by ensuring both its safety and confidentiality.

In summary, Time-Lapse Solutions' use of cloud storage, coupled with local storage and data backups provides a secure, scalable, and user-friendly solution for your managing your valuable time-lapse project data.

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