Connectivity is absolutely front and centre of Time-Lapse Solutions' Intervale time-lapse system.

The system provides real-time access to customers' images through a personalised web portal offering a great user experience and effective project monitoring. Additionally, this connectivity enables Time-Lapse Solutions to actively monitor the system, ensuring immediate response if the service is interrupted. It also offers the opportunity for remote management and troubleshooting of the camera. We offer many connectivity options including 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, wired connections, and even Starlink. Whatever your time-lapse project Time-Lapse Solutions have a connectivity solution which will work for you.

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Why connectivity is important?

Connectivity is crucial to the success of the Intervale time-lapse system for several reasons:

1. Remote Management

With a connected time-lapse system, Time-Lapse Solutions can remotely manage and control the camera. This includes adjusting settings, scheduling recordings, and troubleshooting without needing to be physically present at the camera's location, saving time and resources.

2. Data Transfer

Your project will generate large amounts of data. Reliable connectivity ensures that this data can be transferred efficiently to our servers and cloud storage for viewing, analysing, processing and editing. This is essential for long project.

3. Real-Time Monitoring

Connectivity allows for real-time monitoring of the time-lapse footage. Stakeholders, wherever they are in the world, can view the progress of their construction project or event as it happens, enabling them to make decisions based on the latest information.

4. Workflow Management

For construction or infrastructure projects, time-lapse systems provide a visual documentation of progress. Our real-time connectivity allows for the instant delivery of images, which can be used to manage workflow and document milestones.

5. Security and Backup

In the event of an issue such as power failure or equipment malfunction, a connected system can alert operators immediately. Additionally, images and videos are backed up remotely, ensuring that data is not lost.

6. Accessibility

With a connected time-lapse system, the footage is accessible from anywhere, at any time. This is particularly useful for stakeholders who may be in different geographical locations but need access to the project's visual data.

7. Adaptability

A connected system can adapt to changes in the project's requirements. For instance, if the interval between shots needs to be changed due to project acceleration or delay, this can be done remotely without interrupting the capture process.

Connectivity is at the core of the Intervale time-lapse system’s outstanding functionality, management, and reliability. It is the obvious choice for professional time-lapse projects.

Connectivity options

Time-lapse Solutions enhances its Intervale Time-lapse System with a variety of connectivity options to meet the specific factors of your system. Here's a summary of the connectivity services we offer:


Reliable and robust data transmission in all but the most remote areas. This is our standard go-to solution for the Intervale time-lapse system.


The latest mobile network technology, 5G offers faster data speeds which is great for high resolution video. It is not available everywhere but where it is, we’ll use it.


If it is available WiFi connectivity offers a possible connectivity solution. We can work with your IT team to address their requirements and get our Intervale time-lapse system connected to your network.


Provides a very fast, stable and secure data transfer option, if the infrastructure is available and the client network team are positive this is the best solution for long term projects when reliability is paramount.


Utilising satellite technology from SpaceX, Time-Lapse Solutions can use Starlink connectivity to provide high-speed internet for their Intervale time-lapse system in geographically challenging environments, ensuring connectivity for your time-lapse project even in the most isolated locations.


If for whatever reason, we are unable to get an connectivity or connectivity is lost, Time-Lapse Solutions always ensures there is a local back-up of all the images on the Intervale Time-Lapse system the camera’s SD card.

By offering a range of connectivity options, Time-lapse Solutions ensures that their Intervale Time-lapse System can adapt to different project needs and environments. This versatility is the reason that the Time-Lapse Solutions’ Intervale time-lapse system is quite simply the best time-lapse system out there.

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