Time-lapse camera rental

Whether it is a hire for a day or for many months, there is simply no better time-lapse company to help you.

Many people rent a time-lapse camera system from Time-Lapse Solutions. And for very good reasons. It makes perfect sense. Our cameras come fully configured, with all the accessories, set-up, installed and ready to go. And then if there is a problem. Whatever it is, whether it is the camera, the power, or the mobile signal. We’ll support you, manage it and maintain it. And if anything happens, we’ll supply you with a replacement. No questions asked. You’ll never need to worry; we’ll take responsibility for sorting out any problems. Whatever the cause. See our post here about why it makes sense to rent your time-lapse system. IMPORTANT. If your project is for more than 5 months, it will be much cheaper to buy the equipment. Find out more.

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Your time-lapse system

Of course, every project is different so we’ll carefully listen to your requirements and use all our experience to make sure that you get the time-lapse system that is right for you, delivered when you want it and within your budget. As well great service, there are some things that are common to all our customers.


Brilliant time-lapse films that tell the story of your project and sell your business.


A dedicated web portal to see, download and compare your images in real time.


4k time-lapse systems that are tough enough to work in the real world.


Quick & safe commissioning by experienced engineers. No fuss. No issues.


We’ll handle it all; from beginning to end. You don’t have to do anything.


Whatever your budget. We’ll find a solution that works for you.


Get an instant online quotation for your drone flight project in less than a minute. No need to email or talk with anyone. (Although we'd love to speak to you as well!)

Why Time-lapse Solutions?

Time-lapse Solutions are quite simply the best partner available for time-lapse services for your project. We have years of experience across all sectors including construction, film production, art installations, events and utilities. You’ll get fantastic customer service – we are responsive and flexible. You’ll like us; we are efficient and easy to work with. We will always meet your expectations. And, as you would expect, we have a great range of services. Here are just a few of them.


Specialist system for the construction sector.


Live video broadcasting with video recording.


Solar systems with battery back-up that work in the UK.


AI system monitoring for your time-lapse system


Aerial monitoring, surveys and inspections.


Winning marketing films for any budget.

Our work

We are proud of our work. It is interesting, diverse and entertaining. Much like our clients. You can see more of it in the work section but here are a couple of examples

Time-lapse Solutions work


The Queen’s jubilee was a moment in history. The BBC, of course, recorded this for […]

Time-lapse Solutions work


Pilgrims are one of the world’s leading food manufacturers. They wanted to showcase their new […]

Time-lapse Solutions work

Morgan Sindall

Hackney Council wanted to replace the outdated Britannia Leisure Centre and create a brand-new secondary […]

Time-lapse: How it works?

Organising a time-lapse project is no-small matter. Whether you are an old pro or completely new to time-lapse, it isn't as easy as it looks. There is a lot to consider. So it's great to get a little help from experienced professionals. And there is quite simply no one better than Time-lapse Solutions; you are never going to make a mistake and we'll guarantee you get absolutely brilliant results and service. And the reason we can guarantee this is our proven and trusted process. It works. Every time.

Here is: The Time-Lapse Solutions 12 Steps of Time-lapse.

About Time-lapse Solutions

Time-lapse Solutions are old hands at time-lapse. Whatever your project, we’ll probably have seen it before. Whether it is a long and complex infrastructure project or a short event, we’ll have a solution that works for you.

We’re not committed to one manufacturer so if you need an IP camera, a DSLR or a specialist time-lapse system, we’ll supply it – as long as it is works in your environment. Every system is installed quickly, safely and with no fuss. We offer a fully managed service covered by a SLA and a support and maintenance contract. We monitor the camera 24/7 on your branded portal so if there is a problem, you’ll know about it straight away.

Whether you use the films for marketing or site monitoring, at the end or throughout the project, we provide you with time-lapse videos that are professional and beautifully edited. And it is not only time-lapse, we provide drones, live video, solar systems, CCTV, towers, masts, thermal cameras, and b-roll footage including interviews.

You can buy or rent. We’ll find a payment plan that works for you.

What we are thinking?

We like our blog. It allows to write about the industry, our successes and interesting news. Here are a few our latest thoughts.

Time-Lapse: How it works from beginning to end in 12 easy steps

Organising a time-lapse project is no-small matter. Whether you are an old pro or completely new to time-lapse, it isn’t as easy as it looks. There is a lot to […]

Quick tips for marketing your construction company (time-lapse and drone edition)

So you’ve set up your construction company and are not sure what’s next, or you are already an existing company and lacking ideas on how to market. Not to worry […]

Time-lapse systems vs mobile time-lapse – which is better?

When you say time-lapse most people think, “oh yes I can do that on my mobile!”. Yes, you may have the editing capability of speeding a film up, but do […]

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