Time-Lapse: How it works from beginning to end in 12 easy steps

Organising a time-lapse project is no-small matter. Whether you are an old pro or completely new to time-lapse, it isn’t as easy as it looks. There is a lot to consider.So it’s great to get a little help from an experienced professional. And there is quite simply no one better than Time-lapse Solutions; you are not going to make a mistake and we’ll guarantee you get absolutely brilliant results and service. And the reason we can guarantee this is our proven and trusted process. It works. Every time.

So here is…

The Time-Lapse Solutions 12 Steps of Time-lapse.

1. Online quote
Simply answer a few basic questions using our online tool and get a quote instantly emailed to you.

2. Clarify
Let’s talk to make sure we have understood your requirements and discussed all possible solutions.

3. Quote Adjustment
Whatever your requirement, we’ll make sure that you have the best possible deal for your project.

4. Site Visit
We’ll visit your site to discuss the installation and the best location for the camera and all the equipment

5. Contract
You’ll have the comfort of a clear and fair service contract with our unbreakable commitment to you

Safety is our absolute top priority. A RAMS will be agreed before anyone does any work on site.

7. Installation
Our team will be there on time, with the right tools, work safely, quickly and, of course, tidy-up afterwards.

8. Your portal
View, download, search and compare your images in real time on your personalised and secure portal.

9. Customer Service
Any questions or problems whatever it is, get in touch. We’ll sort it out. No questions asked.

10. Decommissioning
At the end of the project, we’ll take down your equipment, make good and store it for you, if you would like.

11. Video
The video will be edited to your exact requirements, including any additional material you provide.

12. Your images
The images, videos and project files will either be returned to you or we’ll store them until you need them.