The Intervale Time-Lapse System

Time-Lapse Solutions have created a quite exceptional professional time-lapse system – the Intervale.

Its extraordinary quality, robustness, reliability, and flexibility make it the ideal choice if you are serious about recording and monitoring your project. Central to this system is the highest quality and feature-rich camera that is also remarkably easy to manage. Combined with Time-Lapse Solutions' exceptional customer service, this system guarantees the success of your time-lapse project. There is quite simply no better time-lapse solution out there.

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Our Time-lapse System - Intervale

It is no small matter building a time-lapse system. They are much more complex than they first appear. There are six key elements that need to be in place for the system to work, if you are missing any one of these elements your project will fail. That is why Time-Lapse Solutions customers return to us over and over again. They know we are the experts. And they know the Time-lapse Solutions system is quite simply the best – anywhere. And it works - every time.

1. The Right Camera

At the core of any time-lapse system is a great camera not only in terms picture quality but also it needs to be robust enough to run for many months in difficult conditions. Reliability and picture quality are central to our success. Find out why Time-lapse Solutions’ cameras have quite simply the best cameras for time-lapse projects to be found anywhere.

2. Stable Mounting Equipment

A time-lapse camera needs a great location for the shot but also it needs to be stable for very long periods. Time-lapse Solutions have a range of mounting units, clamps, masts and tripods to ensure we get the best possible and consistent footage. With our years of experience, Time-lapse Solutions will work with you to find the best possible solution.

3. Reliable Power Source

You want problems with your time-lapse project? Easy. Get the power wrong. We’ll work with you to get a reliable power source whether it is mains 240v or temp 110v, solar or even batteries (as long as you are prepared to monitor the system and change the batteries regularly). We are experts and we’ll make sure you choose the right solution for your project.

4. Rapid Connectivity

Essential for three key reasons. One, monitoring. If your system goes down, you’ll want to know immediately. Two, remote management of the system. If anything happens, you’ll want us to log in and fix it. Three, you want to see your images and video in real time. 4G? 5G? Wi-Fi or wired connection? Or even Starlink for our remote locations? No problem. We do it all.

5. Safe Storage

There is a lot of data. All those high-quality images, all that video, it sure takes a lot of space. Hundreds of gigabytes. That is why at Time-lapse Solutions we store all your data in the Cloud and take daily back-ups. And then we also store all your data locally on SD cards so that you can never lose anything. And if you want, we will store your data for as long as you want.

6. Easy-to-use Web Portal

Your images are delivered instantaneously to your own branded web portal so you can monitor your site in real time. You want the latest image? Or to scroll through the last few hours, maybe you need to compare old image with another. Or simply download an image for a presentation. No problem. It is all there, on your secure password protected web portal.

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