Power systems

Time-lapse Solutions offers versatile power solutions to ensure reliable and safe power supply for the Intervale Time-Lapse System.

The system uses Power over Ethernet (PoE), enabling camera installations up to 100 meters away from the power source. The Intervale system is energy-efficient, consuming only about 15 watts, thus enhancing its safety by not overloading power systems. Available power options include permanent 240v mains power, temporary 110v power, solar power, and 12v battery power. Recognizing power issues as a common challenge in time-lapse systems, Time-lapse Solutions collaborates closely with clients to provide the most effective and suitable power solution for each project.

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Power Options

Proper power management is critical in time-lapse systems to prevent common issues like power outages or fluctuations, which can disrupt continuous shooting and lead to loss of valuable footage. Ensuring a steady and reliable power source is key for the uninterrupted operation of these systems, especially in long-term projects. This reliability can be achieved through mains power, battery backups, or solar power, depending on the project's requirements and location. The right choice of power solution ensures that time-lapse cameras operate efficiently and consistently over extended periods, capturing every crucial moment of the project.

Power over Ethernet

Time-lapse Solutions Intervale Time-lapse system uses Power Over Ethernet (PoE),. It offers significant advantages for Time-lapse cameras. PoE allows for both power and data transmission over a single Ethernet cable, leading to easier and more flexible installation options. With PoE, you can place cameras in locations without nearby electrical outlets, reducing installation complexity and costs. Furthermore, PoE supports centralized power management, simplifying the maintenance and control of the time-lapse system.

Permanent 240v Mains Power

The Intervale time-lapse system from Time-Lapse Solutions prefers using domestic 240V power sources primarily due to its’ reliability and stability. It's crucial to have a weatherproof power source when the power setup is outdoors. This ensures that the equipment remains safe and functional in all weather conditions.

Temporary 110v Site Power

While the preferred power source for the Intervale time-lapse system is 240V, due to its reliability and stability, it's recognized that this is not always available, especially on construction sites. The Intervale camera is adaptable to 110V temporary power and operates efficiently, consuming only 15W. However, 110V power sources are often found to be less reliable as they are prone to being turned off or unplugged by site workers needing the socket for other purposes. To address this issue, Time-lapse Solutions places signage requesting that their system remains plugged in to ensure uninterrupted operation. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Solar Power

Time-lapse Solutions’ solar-powered time-lapse system – the Intervale - is ideal for locations with limited access to mains power, like construction or brownfield sites.

Time-Lapse Solutions solar system provides over 380 watts of solar panels with each solar system to ensure the system operates effectively throughout the winter. This robust capacity is essential for maintaining consistent power supply during shorter daylight hours and lower solar intensity in the colder months, ensuring the time-lapse system remains functional and reliable even in challenging weather conditions.

Time-Lapse Solutions' Intervale time-lapse system is designed with efficiency in mind, particularly regarding the camera and router components. This design approach ensures maximum performance from the solar power system. By optimizing power consumption of these critical elements, the system will work well even in conditions with limited solar energy availability, such as during December and January or in the most Northern part of the UK. The efficient design helps maintain consistent operation and reduces the risk of power-related disruptions.

The solar power option provides flexibility in camera placement and removes the need for running power cables, enhancing site safety and installation efficiency. This solution is particularly useful for outdoor time-lapse projects where reliable power sources are not readily available.

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Time-lapse Solutions’ Intervale time-lapse system can function very effectively when powered by generators. Generators are versatile and can deliver both 240v and 110v power, which is suitable for the Intervale time-lapse systems. This makes them ideal for use in remote locations or construction sites where they're often already present for other needs. The use of generators ensures a reliable power source for Time-Lapse Solutions’ time-lapse system, especially in environments without access to other power sources.


Batteries can be used for powering Time-Lapse Solutions’ Intervale time-lapse system, especially in short-term projects. They provide a convenient and portable power source, enabling cameras to be placed in locations without access to other power sources, for instance inside buildings. However, the choice of batteries and their capacity is crucial as they need to last for the duration of the time-lapse shoot. The Time-lapse Solutions Intervale Time-lapse System is engineered to be highly energy-efficient. This design ensures that it draws minimal power, thereby significantly extending battery life. In addition, Time-lapse Solutions uses high-capacity 12v battery systems to power their Intervale Time-lapse System. These battery systems are specifically designed to provide reliable and long-lasting power for time-lapse projects. For longer projects, frequent battery changes or recharging may be required, which can be inconvenient. Therefore, for projects extending over longer periods, alternative power solutions like solar panels or generators might be more suitable.

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