Installation, Mounts, Clamps and Masts

Time-Lapse Solutions have a variety of robust installation products for our Intervale time-lapse systems, such as mounts, clamps, masts, and safety cables, tailored for each project.

We prioritise safety above all else. For each installation, we conduct a site visit to plan a stable, secure and safe installation. And, of course, we provide a risk assessments and method statements (RAMS) for each installation. Our engineers are continuously trained, hold CSCS cards, and are certified for working at heights, including IPAF and harness training, enabling them to install equipment safely using MEWPs (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms).

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Mounts and Clamps

Time-lapse Solutions typically employ a variety of mounting tools to ensure a secure and stable installation of their Intervale time-lapse system. Using a wall mount provides a fixed and robust point on a solid surface. Pole mounts are used for attaching cameras to existing poles and masts, offering elevated or specific vantage points if no building is available. Clamps allow for attachment to various structures without the need for drilling, maintaining the integrity of the mounting surface. Parapet mounts are ideal for positioning cameras on the edges of roofs or walls, extending the camera out for an unobstructed view. These tools, combined with Time-Lapse Solutions safety protocols and training, mean a safe and effective installation for both short and long-term time-lapse projects.

Wall installation

Pole Mount



Masts, Poles and Towers

Time-Lapse Solutions offers versatile installation options for their time-lapse systems. When typical mounting spots aren't available, we use scaffolding towers, pneumatic masts for temporary or relocatable setups, tilt-down towers for long-term use, and trailer masts for brief projects. These methods ensure stable, secure camera positioning for high-quality time-lapse footage in various environments.

Scaffold tube attached to site cabin

Pneumatic Telescopic Mast

Tilt-down lattice tower

Trailer mast


At Time-Lapse Solutions, safety is the top priority during the installation of the Intervale time-lapse system. Here's an overview of our safety measures:

1. Meticulous Planning

We carefully plan each installation to ensure secure and stable outcome. We start with a comprehensive site visit to fully understand the issues for each project.

2. Risk Assessment and Method Statements (RAMS)

Before the installation, we provide detailed risk assessment and method statements to clearly identify risks, put in safety measures to ensure safe working.

3. Certified Engineers

Our engineers who all hold CSCS cards and are highly trained and certified for working at heights. They possess the necessary skills (IPAF) to perform safe installations using Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs).

4. Commitment to Safety

Our commitment to safety extends to our engineer, other people on site, our equipment and the installation site.

5. Efficiency

We work quickly and independently, ensuring minimal disruption. We also maintain cleanliness by leaving the site exactly as we found it.

6. Site Manager Approval

Before completion, we get sign-off from the site manager for both the installation and the shot.

7. Installation Timeline

Typically, Time-Lapse Solutions expects to complete an installation within 2 weeks of receiving an order.

Our approach to safety guarantees not only the quality of our work but also the well-being of everyone involved in the project.

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