The Time-Lapse Camera

Time-lapse Solutions use an IP camera for their time-lapse systems and for very good reason.

They are simply better for long-term time-lapse projects. Here is why; they are simply more durable. Their network capabilities allow them to be managed remotely. They also provide higher resolution images, which means clearer and more detailed footage. In addition, the same camera can provide video images as well as time-lapse images as standard. And then they have many smart features and AI capabilities including infra-red night vision, back light management, vehicle and safety monitoring, masking and APIs which allows their output to integrated into other management systems. Find out more here.

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The Time-Lapse Camera

The Time-Lapse Solutions' camera is engineered for long-term projects, offering durability, remote management, and high-resolution imagery. It supports live video streaming to web pages. The camera is robust with IP67 and IK10 ratings, ensuring it withstands harsh conditions. It also features motorized optical zoom, enhancing image quality without losing detail. For connectivity, it includes an adaptive RJ45 ethernet port and uses H.265+ compression for efficient storage and transmission. The camera is PoE compatible, promoting installation ease and power efficiency, suitable for solar power use. Here is some more detail.

4k Ultra High Definition (UHD) IP Camera

Recording in 4K offers significant advantages for time-lapse and video content. The higher resolution results in clearer, more detailed footage, which is particularly beneficial for large sites. 4K also allows for better post-processing flexibility, enabling cropping or zooming without substantial loss of detail. The camera has an 8MP resolution. It is important to understand the difference between 4k resolution and megapixel resolution. The former relates to video, whilst the later refers to still photography. The number of megapixels will have very little impact on your time-lapse video. (see notes on varifocal lens below).

See our blog post on the great megapixel lie and why DSLR cameras (as opposed to IP cameras) are so bad at time-lapse.

Robust build

Our time-lapse camera is designed to be suitable for pretty much any environment – inside or out - however harsh it is. The IP67 rating on our camera signifies that it is fully protected against dust and can also withstand immersion in water up to 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes. The IK10 rating indicates a high level of protection against impact, meaning the camera can resist the equivalent of 5 kg dropped from 40 cm above – making it vandal-resistant or even builder resistant. These ratings ensure the camera's resilience in harsh environmental conditions and against potential knocks on a construction site.

In addition, our camera has a built-in heater, so that it can burn off any rain and condensation of the camera lens as well as being able to operate in conditions as low as -30°C. This is absolutely essential to ensure the quality of your time-lapse video.

Live video

The Time-Lapse Solutions’ time-lapse camera not only is a brilliant time-lapse camera, it supports embedding live video streams into web pages. This feature allows for the camera's live feed to be integrated directly into websites for real-time viewing, which can be particularly useful for monitoring, surveillance, or displaying the feed in your web portal or website. How it works is that the camera’s multiple stream capability allows for streams to be used for different purposes simultaneously. For instance, one stream would be used for time-lapse with high resolution for clarity, while another can be configured for CCTV live video for remote viewing on your portal, website or an apps. This versatility ensures that Time-Lapse Solutions can customize the camera's output to suit your specific needs without compromising on performance or quality. (see our webpage on live video and CCTV).

Motorised Optical Zoom

Our camera comes with a 4.3 x optical zoom. In short, optical zoom allows to us bring the object close before we capture it. Optical zoom does not reduce picture quality because it maintains the same level of detail and sharpness throughout the zoom range. As opposed to digital zoom, where the camera uses a part of the image and sizes it later. That's why the risk of losing image quality is greater with digital zoom. And why an optical zoom is more important for quality than the number of megapixels. The advantage of a motorized varifocal lens is its ability to remotely adjust the zoom and focus, offering greater control and convenience in fine-tuning the camera's field of view. The camera's 2.8-12mm motorized varifocal lens delivers a 108 to 30° horizontal field of view. This flexibility allows us to cover pretty much any site and camera position to get excellent time-lapse footage.

AI and Smart features

The Time-lapse Solutions’ time-lapse camera is packed with smart features and AI functionality. Its AI capabilities are focused on face and vehicle target classification, which significantly enhances the effectiveness as a monitoring system. In addition, the camera alerts upon detecting movement or when an object crosses a pre-defined virtual line which can be used for people counting or site safety. For night surveillance, it is equipped with an IR system that provides clear imaging even in low-light conditions for up to 60m. The camera has Back Light Compensation (BLC) which helps to retain visibility and detail in scenes with a bright background, preventing foreground objects from appearing silhouetted. This is important if the camera looks into the sun at some point during the day. Importantly the Time-lapse Solutions’ camera supports privacy mask allowing sensitive areas to be concealed in the camera's field of view for privacy reasons. All these features are programable remotely and can be adapted to the clients individual needs to provide a comprehensive solution. (see more about our use of AI and Smart functionality.

Connectivity and security

Our time-lase camera comes with powerful built-in network connectivity, featuring a self-adaptive RJ45 100M ethernet port for stable wired networking. This facilitates easy integration into our comms network – whether that is 4G, 5G, or even Starlink for the more remote sites. Alternatively, we can connect to our clients existing network either by wi-fi or a wired connectivity. This robust connectivity supports rapid video and image transfer as well remote access capabilities for monitoring and management. Importantly, the built-in connectivity significantly reduces our power-usage overhead (see our solar power solutions).

The Time-lapse Solutions’ time-lapse camera comes with H.265+ compression as standard. This offers significant advantages for video storage and transmission. It allows for up to 50% more efficient data compression compared to its predecessor, H.264. This efficiency means it can maintain high video quality with half the bitrate, effectively reducing storage requirements and bandwidth usage without compromising on image quality. (see our webpage on connectivity).

Our cameras include a high level of security including Password protection, complicated password, HTTPS encryption, IP address filter, and Security Audit Logs.

Power efficiency

Our time-lapse camera uses Power over Ethernet (PoE). This has many advantages, including easier installation and reduced costs as it eliminates the need for separate power and data cables. Importantly, it enhances safety by avoiding overloading and electrical systems. PoE also offers flexibility for placing devices in locations without nearby power outlets. Our cameras can be up to 100m from the power source. the camera is incredibly flexible when it does to a power. It can operate using 240v mains power, temporary 110v power or using DC power so that it works brilliant with solar or battery power.

In addition, our time-lapse camera is incredibly efficient, the maximum power consumption is 15 watts. This efficient energy usage makes it absolutely ideal for solar power. (see our solar power solutions).

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