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Drone Solutions' video service focus on creativity, the highest quality outputs, and cinematography.

We have an array of drones, cameras, and lenses that offers versatile filming options. Our pilots are not just pilots, they are experienced directors of photography. We partner with agencies, production houses and well-known brands to deliver brilliant content. Our dedicated permits and permissions team and our nationwide coverage means that we can normally respond very quickly to any requests even if the location is challenging. From TV and film production to website footage, our client-focused approach ensures that we always meet your expectations. We are incredibly easy-to-work with. We keep things simple, hassle-free and we incredibly focused on outcomes.

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Why Drone Solutions?

1. Your vision

Whatever your project, whether it is for TV and film or online content, at Drone Solutions, we understand that it's the result that matters, not just the flight. We bring a wealth of experience, but we know every project is unique. Well take the time to understand your requirements so that we deliver exactly what you want.

2. Cinematography

Drones are revolutionizing cinematography offering unique perspectives and sweeping views, enabling more creative storytelling. Our drones are equipped with brilliant cameras, lenses and stabilizing gimbals, so we have real control over shots. Their accessibility, versatility and Drone Solutions' skills will transform your project.

3. Equipment

Equipment choice significantly influences shot quality. Cinematic drone footage requires specific equipment. Drones equipped with high quality cameras and lenses are key for dynamic shots. Larger drones handle wind better and optimize battery use. Drone Solutions will always use the right drone for the job.

4. Experience

Drone Solutions earned respect by collaborating with industry giants - the largest brands, agencies, and production companies. Our portfolio and testimonials demonstrate our excellence. We will give all our experience and focus for your project ensuring we meet you and your clients' expectations.

5. Not just pilots

At Drone Solutions, our pilots are not just operators; they're directors of photography. Combining Director of Photography (DOP) skills with drone piloting brings both creativiy and technical expertise to framing and composition. In short, when you direct us for a shot, we'll know immediately what you mean and you will get exactly what you want.

6. Permits and permissions

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) enforces laws that categorise flights, require licenses, and mandate adherence to altitude limits. Drone Solutions have a specialist team dedicated to obtaining permissions and permits for even the most challenging locations. So wherever you want to film, we will make it happen.

7. Night Filming

Drones Solutions love filming at night. And we are very experienced. Our drones are equipped with the right cameras and lenses, for the job and the appropriate safety lighting and transmitters. But it is worth it, filming in The Golden Hour's soft light adds depth and emotion that simply cannot be beaten.

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