Travel Portal Integration

Web Portal Solutions specialize in seamlessly integrating APIs, GDS, booking systems, and more to enhance the functionality and connectivity of your travel portal.

Integrating a third-party system such as CRS (Central Reservation System), GDS, and experience management systems to your portal is no small matter. It requires a technical implementation process. Web Portal Solutions will help you understand the API requirements, plan the scope, develop the code, test and debug, monitor and maintain the code. In short - we'll make sure your portal works in the real world.

Our services

No two portals are the same but whatever your business there are always some similarities. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to understand your requirements, customize integration solutions, and make sure we meet your expectations on time and within budget. Here are a few of our areas of expertise.


Connect your travel portal with your network of travel service providers, including hotels, car rental companies, tour operators, and more. Our API integrations ensure real-time data synchronization, seamless booking experiences, and up-to-date availability information.


Integrate hotel reservation systems into your travel portal to provide your customers with a wide selection of accommodations and streamline the booking process. Enhance your inventory with real-time rates, availability, and instant confirmation capabilities.


Access global distribution systems (GDS) to expand your inventory and offer a broader range of travel products to your customers. Our GDS integration enable you to access extensive hotel, and car rental content, empowering you to provide comprehensive and competitive travel options.


Collaborate with tour operators and integrate their specialized software into your travel portal. Seamlessly offer a diverse range of tours, activities, and experiences, providing your customers with unforgettable travel experiences and maximizing revenue opportunities.


Enable secure and seamless online transactions with integrated payment gateways. Our expertise in payment gateway integration ensures smooth and secure payment processing, supporting multiple currencies and payment methods.


Integrate customer relationship management (CRM) systems to centralize customer data, enhance customer engagement, and personalize your marketing efforts to drive loyalty and repeat business.


Deliver personalized travel packages by integrating dynamic packaging systems. Our integration solutions enable you to combine flights, accommodations, transfers, and activities into unique and customizable itineraries, offering your customers tailored and memorable travel experiences.


Expand your reach and maximize sales opportunities by integrating with various distribution channels, online travel agencies (OTAs), and destination marketplaces. Reach a broader audience and increase your visibility with our multi-channel integration expertise.

Previous projects

We are very proud of our work. Please check out our case studies page. Every client is different but what they all have in common is a great solution, that met their expectations and was delivered on time and within budget.

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Our processes

We don't have a fixed methodology for development. It is important that we are flexible and work in a way that suits our clients. However, outlined below is an outline of how we might approach your integration project.

1. Select the right provider

We will research and help you choose a reputable provider that meets your business requirements. Not all provides or API are equal. We will work with you to consider factors such as features, pricing, support, and compatibility with your e platform.

2. Obtain API documentation

As part of the process of choosing a supplier we will investigate their API documentation. The documentation will outline the technical details, endpoints, data formats, and authentication methods required for integration. If it is not up to scratch, we will urge caution.

3. Build a proof of concept

We will review the API documentation thoroughly to understand the functionality and capabilities provided by the API. Paying particular attention to the available endpoints for inventory management, booking creation, availability checks, and other relevant operations. And then we will build a proof of concept.

4. Plan integration scope

We will determine the specific functionality you want to integrate into your portal. This could include displaying real-time availability, enabling online bookings, retrieving reservation details, and managing pricing and inventory updates.

5. Portal development

Our web development team are massively experienced in API integrations. They will be responsible for implementing the integration but there is more to the process than that, we will make sure that integration works within your existing investments in your portal.

6. API authentication

Most third-party systems require authentication to ensure secure access to their API. Security is absolutely central to our work. Web Portal Solutions will implement the authentication mechanism specified in the API documentation, such as API keys, OAuth tokens, or other authentication protocols.

7. Develop integration code

Whatever your preferred development platform, Web Portal Solutions will use the programming language and tools supported by your platform to write code that interacts with the API. This involves making API requests, handling responses, and parsing data returned by the API.

8. Test and debug

Quite simply the most important stage. We will thoroughly test the integration code to ensure proper functionality. We will conduct test bookings, availability checks, and other operations to verify that data flows accurately between your website and the third party system.

9. Handle errors and exceptions

Web Portal Solutions pride ourselves on implementing error handling mechanisms to gracefully handle any API errors or exceptions that may occur during integration. We will provide informative error messages to users and log relevant details for debugging purposes.

10. Monitor and maintain

Once the integration is live, we continuously monitor its performance and functionality and stay in touch with you and your provider for any updates or changes to their API, ensuring your integration always remains compatible.

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