Drone Solutions Showreel

We are immensely proud of our work. Checkout our showreel featuring footage from Octopus Energy, Avison Young, Aldi, BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, and QPR.

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Our work

Our work is as diverse as our clients. Take a look at the great range of projects. We are proud of every one of them.

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Get an instant online quotation for your drone flight project in less than a minute. No need to email or talk with anyone. (Although we'd love to speak to you as well!)

Our services

We offer the full range of drone and associated services. Whatever your requirement, whether it is the entirety of your project or just a samll part of it, we will have a solution. It is in our name.

Aerial filming and photography for some of the world's biggest brands.

FPV flights of offices, shops, construction sites, and events.

Inspection in the property management and industrial sectors.

Drone flights in some of the most heavily controlled airspace.

Surveying and inspection in the construction and surveying sectors.

Long or short time-lapse videos for construction, events and the arts.

Monitoring, inspections, surveying specifically for the construction industry.

Corporate films including ground filming, effects, animation and graphics.

Creative editing services to make your project look and sound great.

Why Drone Solutions?

There are lots of great reasons why Drone Solutions are quite simply the best commercial drone solutions company out there. Here are just three of them.


Drone Solutions are security experts. Whether you need surveillance, patrols - day or night, monitoring, simple deterrence or evidence collection. We are old hands at this type of work and we will have a solution that works for you.


It is no small mattery flying at night. Compliance and experience are vital. Drone Solutions understand the regulations, the equipment and the skills required to get the shots you need at night. See example of our night work.


Whilst we are based in London and Guildford, our services extend across the entire UK. A survey in Snowdonia. No problem. An FPV flight in the Western Isles. It would be our pleasure. Wherever you are based, we can support you.

What we are saying

Here are our latest thoughts on the industry, our business and the latest news. Some of it is serious stuff, the rest of it is achingly funny. I hope you like it.

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