Time-lapse Solutions

When the National Grid decided to replace the giant electricity pylons that dominate the Snowdonia National Park. They commissioned Hochtief to build £200m tunnel under the Park to carry the cables. It is no small matter. The project will take 7 years. One of the deliverables is that the National Grid wanted a record of this legacy project. Hochtief commissioned Time-lapse Solutions for this work because pf it’s importance and because of the significant technical challenges the environment presents. They needed the most experienced and the most technically sophisticated time-lapse experts. It is wild there. As tough as an environment you could find for a camera. That is why they selected Time-lapse Solutions. An additional challenge is that it is an area of outstanding natural beauty meaning that we had to be incredibly sensitive with the equipment we could use. However, Time-lapse Solutions came up with a solution that not only satisfied the environmental team but also was rugged enough to survive the toughest of environments. We are looking forward to working on this project for many years to come.