BLDA Architects

BLDA Architects specialises in bespoke residential, conservation, commercial, and interior projects for very wealthy clients. Drone Solutions worked with BLDA to showcase their work adding floors to prestigious properties in London. BLDA wanted to add drone footage to their website showing the work they had done adding floors to several properties in the highly desirable Phillimore Gardens in Chelsea. However, Phillimore Gardens is situated in the Central London No Fly Zone and in a Flight Restriction Zone and is home to several embassies, so obtaining flying permissions was a challenge. For Drone Solutions\’ dedicated permissions team, it was no problem and they obtained the necessary permits remarkably quickly. However, brilliant though our permissions team is, they cannot control the weather. And the unseasonal grim weather meant we had to several attempts to get the shots. We all agree it was not worth it unless the weather was perfect. And this is an important point, output matters. If it is not exactly what the client wants, we will do it again. And again. Until they are happy. And BLDA are happy and that makes us happy.