What can a web portal do for my business?

It’s a simple question, yet often overlooked. What can a web portal do for my business? What are the benefits? Will it improve my turnover? Will it save me money?

All the information you need is within a read away…

A web portal can improve communication and management processes for your company. It can be great for in-house and external communications. If uploading and sending info is taking up time, then opt for a portal. What may have taken hours, can now take minutes or even seconds!

By improving your communication processes, you can cut back your e-mail traffic. Work inboxes will no longer be clogged up as everything can be accessed and sent across on your new portal. So say goodbye to those annoying “ping pings”!

As mentioned above, portals are great for collaboration. Project management and staff portals are two examples of portals where users can organise their activities through the exchange of information.

With a portal, you can essentially ”cut corners”. Any uploads or sharing of information can be done remotely. In this sense, they can reduce travel. Whereas before you might have needed to be at your workplace to send a quotation/info, you can now do so from your own device. Just log into the portal and you are sorted.

And of course, portals are customer-centric too. They allow customers/clients to be the centre of your business plan. Customers can access the information they need quickly and easily manage their preferences. Subsequently, this can have a positive impact on their experience with your brand.

An integrated portal can improve management. Information and data spread across multiple platforms can be integrated into one, easy-to-use system. As a result, this can reduce the need for multiple systems and thus unnecessary costs.

With a better user experience, your clients and staff would be impressed right? Due to the endless benefits that they bring, portals could result in higher employee/customer turnover. Why wouldn’t they if they ticked all the boxes?

And with all of that in mind, you can see why a portal can give you an edge over your competitors. And with all of that in mind, you can see why a portal can give you an edge over your competitors.

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